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Leslie's List: Paul Simon, Grilled Peaches, and 20th Century Women

The best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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This week hasn't exactly gone as planned, but it's also been a chaotic, fun, rewarding mess (in a good way!). This morning, we had a photoshoot in Santa Monica, so after mapping the distance from my house to the beach the night before (which can be 20 minutes without traffic, but apparently takes an hour and forty minutes during rush hour), I made the very last-minute decision to spend the night at my friend's house in Santa Monica. We drank wine, watched the Bachelorette, and had a good old-fashioned slumber party. Tomorrow, I'm meeting a new friend for drinks and heading to see La La Land at the Hollywood Bowl with my boyfriend on Friday night before spending the long weekend "glamping" solo, just for fun (!). Here are some of the other things I'm reading, eating, and doing this week:

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If you also rushed to see Paul Simon this past year at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, the latest exhibit at the Skirball Center is for you. From now through September, several of Simons' instruments, handwritten lyrics, and performance footage will be on display as part of a traveling exhibit organized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not sure how Garfunkel feels about it, but I'm pretty excited!.

I also just watched Almost Famous for the first time this weekend, so you could say I'm in the middle of my own "Music Appreciation Week." Speaking of which, there are still tickets available to see La La Land with a live orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday (just sayin').

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Lately I've been on a stone fruit-only diet, which are officially in season (peaches! apricots!)! This weekend, I'm going "glamping" solo at a farm in the Angeles National Forest, where the owners have built a small cabin they rent out on airbnb. The cabin is beautiful and new, with a sink and heated floorboards, but very limited cooking (ie, a lone hot plate). As a result—and because I'm taking the trip as a sort of treat yo'self vacation with my favorite foods—I'm going to be making huge, summery, fruity salads each evening:

1. Tomatoes, peaches, pickled onions, and burrata
2. Watermelon, tomatoes, feta, and mint
3. Grilled peach, halloumi, and mint "caprese"

P.S., I made these pancakes last weekend (replacing the "Flax seed egg" with a regular, whole egg) and they were unreal. 

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It probably isn't the best idea before going on a solo trip, but I just finished reading You Will Know Me (which I recommended as a beach read last week!) about a murder that takes place in a close-knit gymnastics community. It's all the behind-the-scenes you wanted while watching the summer games, with the suspense of a well-written, twisting thriller.


You mean aside from The Bachelorette? This weekend, I went on a major Billy Crudup-a-thon and watched Almost Famous followed by 20th Century Women, both of which I loved but I really can't stop thinking about the latter. Starring Annette Bening and Elle Fanning among others, it takes place in 1970s Santa Barbara and is about what it means to be a mom, a woman, and a man. If that sounds really boring and overly philosophical, I promise it's anything but (okay, maybe a little philosophical).


On the way back from the beach this weekend, we were debating what music to put on when my friend put an end to the conversation by making the executive decision that we all listen to her favorite podcast: Here to Make Friends. The Huffington Post podcast is—as you probably already guessed from the title—a Bachelor recap podcast, and it's fantastic. It's funny, witty, and Allison Williams guest-stars on the first episode this season. I got hooked as quickly as I did my first episode of the Bach years ago (which is to say: immediately).

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I've written before about my friend Betsy, a nutritionist whose word I value above everyone else's when it comes to food. At a party at her and her boyfriend's apartment this weekend, she explained to me that they make Bulletproof Coffee every morning which, until that conversation, I'd only known as "that weird coffee with butter in it." She explained that they add "Brain Octane Oil" (sounds weird, but it's an energy source found in coconut oil), which provides quick energy that lasts, and aids in the absorption of caffeine from coffee. I'm paraphrasing here, but I've been adding it to my own coffee for the past few days before morning workouts and have noticed that I don't crash quite as quickly or get shakey (it also cuts down in the acidity of the coffee so you can drink it on an empty stomach!). While the original recipe calls for adding butter to your coffee as well (which you can find here) I've been using Betsy's recipe: 1 cup coffee (I use Stumptown's "Hair Bender" brewed with an Aeropress, they use Squirrel Cold Brew heated up over the stove), 1/4 cup whole milk, and 1 teaspoon "Brain Octane" whisked in. Cheers!

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