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Leslie's List: Malibu, Beach Reads, and Beer Gardens

The best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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Maybe it's a little too early to declare this, technically speaking, but: It's officially summer! Graduation photos are flooding my Instagram feed, free events are in full swing in Los Angeles, and I'm looking forward to my first beach day of the season this Saturday. Here are the books I'll be reading (and re-reading) at the beach, the dish I can't stop grilling, and my summer 2017 anthem:

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The only thing I love more than spending a Saturday hiking is ending it with a post-hike beer, so I could not be more excited that Griffith Park is now home to a summer-long beer garden. Every Saturday through October, beers and comfort food will be available for purchase on the patio of the Roosevelt Café, right next to the Greek Theater. I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying their flight of four local brews more than once this summer. 

Because too much food is never enough, you can also check out The Infatuation's first-ever food festival this Saturday at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, with lots of food, panels with chefs like Nancy Silverton, and music from The Knocks and Lizzo.

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If it involves in-season produce, a grill, and miso, you can sign me up, no questions asked, so this vinegar-lime-miso asparagus has already become my go-to summertime side. Lately, I've been throwing it on our (very small, portable) grill before burgers—and eating them with my fingers before the burgers are even ready. 

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It's beach read season! While I normally find myself veering towards heavy (both in weight and content) novels, here are some of my favorite books to read under the sun: 


If you also binge-watched Making a Murderer, it's probably worth marking your calendar for Netflix's latest series, The Keepers, out this Friday. The seven-part series delves into the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun in 1969 and, based on the trailer, it looks like it takes as many twists and turns as The Jinx and uncovers some of the darkest corners of the Catholic Church, a la Spotlight

If crime isn't your thing, the latest season of The Bachelorette starts Monday (!)—we've already made plans for our office pool, with an entire Slack channel dedicated to it.


I've loved Miley since she hopped off the plane at LAX and I cannot stop listening to her latest SoCal-based single, Malibu. Not only is it an unexpected love song from a non-Californian ("I never would've believed you / If three years ago you told me /I'd be here writing this song,"), but it's incredibly catchy. And if you still have doubts about Miley's talent, you can listen to the stripped-down version here.

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Over the next few months, I'm planning on hosting a rotation of guests. While I can't provide them with much more than an air mattress in the middle of our living room, I'm planning on making a batch of this essential oils pillow spray for them, to make their stay just a little more comfortable. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.