Leslie's List: Zoodles, Rough Nights, and Summer Anthems

The best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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Last weekend, I flew to New York for my college friend's bachelorette party, and while I had a blast celebrating her, I'm pretty thrilled that the rest of my foreseeable summer plans are low-key. All of my plans this week revolve around cooking and catching up with friends at our apartments, before heading to a girlfriend's cabin in Big Bear for the weekend! I'd love to hear: What are some of your can't-miss summer activities? Share them in the comments below! Here are some of the other things I've been up to this week:

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Like most big cities, Los Angeles clears out during summer weekends and the longer days mean time for more outdoor evening events. One of my favorite summer events is the Friday jazz nights at LACMA. It starts at 6 PM so you can head there directly after work (but parking's free after 7 PM). Bring a blanket and a basket so you can set up a picnic on the front lawn, with a bottle of wine of course! 

Just a few blocks away, at The Grove, Who What Wear is hosting summer movies and cocktails. Coming up: Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Coyote Ugly. RSVP here!

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In celebrating my college friend's bachelorette party this weekend, I ate (and drank) my way through New York, so by the time I returned home Monday evening, I had a serious craving for some good, healthy food. Since I didn't have time to eat my favorite salad in the city (the tiger salad from Xi'an Famous Foods), I made an improvised version at home with a zucchini noodle base. It was the perfect post-trip meal since it required no cooking (I considered making some salmon to pair with it, but even turning on a stove felt like too much effort after a 14-hour travel day), and very little chopping since my spiralizer did most of the work for me—I'm thinking about making this a tradition! 

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While I didn't read as much as I hoped to in traveling to and from New York (I fell asleep on the shoulder of the man sitting next to me on one of my flights back...), I was able to fly through The Woman in Cabin 10 on my way there. It's a classic whodunnit that has a very Agatha Christie vibe (it's a dead-ringer for And Then There Were None) where a woman goes missing on a cruise ship. It's all told from the perspective of a narrator you aren't entirely sure you can trust, which makes it that much more interesting. P.S., If you like Agatha Christie, you're going to love this trailer for the upcoming movie Murder on the Orient Express.

I also had time to catch up on newspapers Monday night, including The New York Times' front-page piece from a few Sundays back, "At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death." It's a beautiful account of a quietly influential man, John Shields, who scheduled his own death with the help of doctors after being diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder. You can read the entire article here


The obvious choice this week—if you haven't already seen it—is Wonder Woman. One of my friends has already seen it in theaters four times, and who doesn't love an inherently feminist super hero? (She's modeled after Margaret Sanger, after all!) True, she may spend too much time in the movie "deflecting male expectations," as Jenna Wortham put it, but I'm excited to see Gal Gadot kicking ass on the big screen. On the other end of the super woman spectrum, Rough Night, directed by Lucia Aniello of Broad City, comes out this weekend. It's about a bachelorette party gone very wrong—I did not see the twist that comes halfway through the trailer! Consider it required viewing with your girlfriends.


On the hour-long drive two weekends ago from Vancouver to Squamish, my boyfriend asked me to pick the music and almost immediately regretted that decision when I proceeded to blast Bad Liar and Malibu on repeat (does anyone else listen to songs over and over until you're so sick of them you can barely hear them ever again?). You could say I'm going through a pop phase, because I've added another one to the cycle: Uh Huh by Julia Michaels. Definite 2017 Summer Anthem contender.

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The past month has been packed with friends coming and going—I'm either heading somewhere or hosting someone—and since I'm still working on replacing our hand-me-down couch with some sort of pull-out, I've changed my focus to create other details in our apartment to make guests feel at home. This DIY luggage rack would be the perfect thing since it provides guests with easy access to their things, and keeps the room tidy so they don't have to spill their luggage across our very small living room floor. Plus, it's small enough to fold and fit in the closet so I can easily access it when I'm packing myself! Penciling it in as a weekend project later this month.