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Leslie's Best Buys of 2017

Our editor's best purchases this year—from beauty to travel.
Milk frother

1. Milk Frother: Okay, so technically I received this as a gift, but I'd buy it in a second. This frother from Epica has two settings: warm and frothy or just warmed. I use it every single day, whether to add frothed milk to my morning cup of coffee or espresso (which makes it feel infinitely fancier), to add it to turmeric powder for golden milk or Moon Juice dusts, or simply for a warm cup of milk and honey with cinnamon for dessert. I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen with the rest of my tea and coffee for easy access! 


2. Equinox Membership: I used to be the first person to write-off joining a gym. "Just run outside!" I said, "Hikes are free!" I said. And then, while training for the marathon in March, I tore all sorts of ligaments and tendons in my foot and the first question my podiatrist asked was, "You cross-train, right?" Nope. After the race, I joined Classpass, but was frustrated that even for the top level, it had a limit of ten classes per month which I ran out of way too quickly. Equinox is expensive (about $80 more than Classpass), and it took a lot of debating before I finally joined, but as someone who loves workout classes and isn't great at self-motivating myself to go to the gym, it's been perfect for me. Beyond being an investment in my health (which I consider priceless), it's also completely indulgent and enjoyable. As someone who hardly ever spends more than five minutes by myself a day, it's become a sanctuary that I look forward to each day—I love the sauna, the eucalyptus-scented towels, the beautiful locker rooms, and the amazing classes. I usually go six times a week, and it's often a highlight of my day which, in my book, makes it one of the best things I could spend money on. 

Face wash and oil

3. Tata Harper Face Wash and Elizabeth Dehn Cleansing Oil: Somehow, the preteen Gods shined on me in high school and I made it through with barely so much as a pimple, but this year my skin went nuts. I’ve always taken care to wash my face at night, but I found that my skin was reacting to the products I’ve always used with pimples and blotchiness. After some trial and error, I landed on a double-cleansing routine with two all-natural skin brands I love, Tata Harper and Elizabeth Dehn. First, I rub oil directly only my dry skin, then remove it with a clean washcloth and warm water (I keep a stack of about ten washcloths in my bathroom that I clean every week so I can use a fresh one each time!), then wash my face as I normally would with the Tata Harper face wash. After a few weeks, I noticed my skin had cleared up! Magic! 


4. Current/Elliott Jeans: After walking into the Current/Elliott store on Abbot Kinney earlier this year, tempted in by a "Sale" sign, I ended up trying on the only thing not on sale in the store—and fell in love with them immediately. Because I wasn't planning on spending money that day, I left the store without them, but couldn't stop thinking about them. I returned a month later to buy them as a birthday present to myself and love them—they're so soft and comfortable and have such a flattering fit, and a wash that goes with just about anything. I probably wear them three days a week—in fact, it's probably time I get myself a second pair...

Leslie's Paris Food Diary2

5. Paris Vacation: My trip to Paris was the first international trip (outside of side trips I took while studying abroad) that I paid for by myself. I saved for months, paying off my ticket, then my Airbnb, so that I had ample spending cash for the week I was there. This meant I could eat with reckless abandon, buy pretty things that caught my eye, and still come back with leftover cash to put into savings. It was incredibly indulgent, but a trip I’ll never forget. 

Electric toothbrush

6. OralB 1000 Electric Tooth Brush: I’ve always been careful about brushing my teeth, but half-thought I was immune to cavities because I’d made it so far. Turns out I was wrong. After a painful filling and a gum surgery since my over-aggressive brushing had caused them to recede (TMI?), I invested in something that I should have bought a long time ago: An electric toothbrush, selected from this super-helpful list

iPad Routine Remix1

7. iPad: After borrowing my boyfriend's work iPad to read e-books on, I finally purchased one for myself. I love having it for travel—it's way better than lugging ten books on the plane, for the gym to watch shows or read while I'm on the treadmill, and for reading e-books at night (I love the nighttime reading mode!). Honestly, I've probably saved hundreds in renting books from the library instead of purchasing them.

Coconut Fruit bars

8. 365 Coconut Fruit Bars: I've told everyone and their mother about these bars after accidentally purchasing them earlier this year. I've never been crazy about coconut, but these are fantastic. They're super creamy with chunks of coconut meat, and are just sweet enough—I have one almost every night for dessert. 


9. RMS Eye Polish in 'Utopia': I barely wear any makeup outside of my daily makeup, so eyeliner and shadow were things that collected dust in my cabinet until I recycled and gave away my small collection earlier this year. But I liked the idea of being able to add a quick swipe of something to get my look ready for evening plans, so I bought a pot of RMS Eye Polish to keep in my purse before heading out for after-work plans. It's super easy to apply (I just swipe it on with my finger) and makes my eyes look instantly brighter after a long day of staring at a screen.

Tracksmith shorts

10. Tracksmith Spandex Shorts: I've been a huge fan of Tracksmith's running clothes since coming across the brand last year. They just make super high-quality, no-nonsense apparel, created by runners for runners, and these shorts have become a mainstay since they're the only pair of spandex shorts I've come across that truly don't ride up. They're perfect for rolling out of bed for an early morning run, with an over-sized tee. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.