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L.A. Life: New Stone Age

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I love when friends come to visit Los Angeles, since it's such a fun city to host out-of-towners. The weather's consistently reliable, there are tons of fabulous restaurants (whether you're craving cheap Mexican food or high end sushi), there's a wide variety of landscapes (beaches! mountains! cities!), and of course, lots of great shopping. Since I get a tremendous amount of questions about things to do in L.A., I decided to turn it into a new series that showcases my favorite shops, restaurants, and activities.

To kick things off, I want to start with one of my most-visited home goods stores, New Stone Age. It's been around for almost thirty years, but somehow I just discovered it (thanks to the girls at Beso) and am now completely obsessed. It's stocked with delicate jewelry, cute trinkets, pretty art, vintage-inspired pieces for your home, and has become my go-to spot for buying gifts.


{I love the idea of lining up little gold bowls on a wall}


{Creepy/cool soaps in the shape of babies' hands}


{Gilded candles for making casual dinners a bit more festive}


{Caged light fixtures - simple and stunning}


{Sparkly beetles}


{Vintage-inspired office supplies}


{Matchstick bottles that you can strike along the bottom - seen here}


{Just a few of their dainty rings that I'm lusting after}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.