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Jennifer Meyer's LA Guide

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I met Jennifer Meyer at an event a little over a year ago and while I'd always been a fan of her jewelry, it was her sweet disposition that made me love her even more. Meyer’s classic dainty necklaces, rings, and bracelets are not only wearable for every occasion, but they’re so light that you never have to take them off. Jen also happens to be an L.A. native who's now raising her two kids here, so I asked her to tell me the the ten places she swears by, from coffee shops to her favorite hidden bar (surprise: it's in The Valley).


1. Your go-to coffee shop (and order):

I love an almond latte! Tavern and Alfred both make me happy.

2. The place in Los Angeles where you feel the most zen:

Malibu, all the way.

3. The one-stop gift shop where you can shop for dad, mom, siblings, baby showers, etc.:

Barneys, one stop shop.

4. The place you celebrate special occasions or solid date night spot:

Giorgio Baldi. Best. Food. Ever! 

5. Best place to take the kids to expend their energy:

The beach. Perfect in every single way!

6. Favorite place to order take-out:

Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant. The aromatic prawns will melt your heart.

7.  The best under-the-radar bar:

I'm in love with the margaritas and food at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks. It's incredible! 

8. The place you go for a little bit of culture:

LACMA. My family goes there all the time.

9.  The place you always take your out-of-town guests that wows:

Nobu! You can't beat the food or the atmosphere.

10.  Where you shop for everyday basics:

Honestly, Whole Foods! They have everything from food for my kids to face cream. I can spend hours in there!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.