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Island in the Sun


My week-long stay at the


in Ka'anapali was pure bliss and though it was my first legitimate vacation since I graduated from college, I learned some invaluable lessons: 1. I was never a rum fan prior to my trip, but I've since realized that a post-breakfast daiquiri is a great way to start the day. 2. Don't check work email. This proved to be almost as relaxing as the deep tissue massage I got at the spa. Well, almost. 3. Dessert tastes way better when ordered through room service and eaten in bed. 4. Score early seats at the adult pool. No matter how tempted I was to hit the water slide, a soundtrack of babbling brooks and crashing waves was far more enjoyable than screaming kids. 5. Take note of the things that bring me joy and try to replicate once home. I loved eating outside and am now motivated to convert our dumping ground balcony into a romantic little cove for having dinner.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links