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Instagram Insights

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My site is photo heavy, so when I initially downloaded Instagram (you can follow me here) a couple of years ago, I thought the content might be redundant to what I was creating for the blog. After a few minutes, I quickly realized how unique and engaging the platform was and loved both the immediacy of the content creation and community responses. While it will never replace blog posts, it's definitely become my go-to social app so I thought I'd share a few my favorite tools, tips and the people I love to follow.

My Go-To Filters


Droplet Tool


One of my favorite tools to use within Instagram is the droplet tool, which lets you focus on one specific area (in either a linear or circular shape) leaving the rest of the photo blurry. 

Finding the right light


One of the most obvious but important aspects of taking a good photograph has to do with the right light. I prefer soft, muted light that's not in the direct sun, but doesn't feel too dark.

Play with scale


While I almost always prefer items to fill the frame and be centered, I also appreciate a change in scale by pulling out a bit. Something as simple as three sparkly nail polishes can suddenly look artistic when shot from further back.

Fill the shot


A solitary pair of sunglasses looks nice, but I usually prefer to add in a few other elements to keep it visually intriguing. A make-up pouch with bangles and a favorite lip balm helps complete the shot.

My favorite apps


Over: The best app for adding text to your photos.

Afterlight: Simple and straightforward editing tools, with great frame options.

VSCO: The most comprehensive editing app, tons of functionality and a strong community. 

TiltShift: Instagram has tilt shift built in, but this app provides slightly more robust options. 

People I love to follow


@jengotch: bright, happy photos; funny captions.

@julieskitchen: gorgeous food creatively displayed.

@viewfromthetopp: one girl's take on fashion.

@instabraid: tons of braided inspiration.

@tunameltsmyheart: my favorite dog to follow (often in adorable outfits.) 

@mydaywithleo: cut-outs of '90s-era Leonardo DiCaprio.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.