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Find of the Week


I've been lining my inner lids with a white pencil for years in order to appear more bright-eyed and awake. But the problem is, the majority of those pencils are shockingly white and oftentimes shimmery, so I ended up looking a little too disco-ready rather than well rested. 

This Tarte pencil is closer to a soft beige, which makes all the difference in the world. I found out about it after staring at Cristina for a creepy amount of time one evening due to how bright and pretty her eyes looked. She told me her secret and I bought it from my phone at dinner. It provides the most subtle pop and after I wore it the first time, I had to buy three additional pencils for my two friends and my mom, all of whom wanted in on the magic. Needless to say, it's now in constant rotation since as a new-ish mom, you can never look rested enough.

Shop the Item Here: Tarte Eye-Brightening Pencil, Available at Sephora
Price: $20


Products in this post may contain affiliate links