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In the Bag

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I'm always curious to see what women carry around in their purses and am perpetually impressed how guys can survive without them. Last night when I was switching to a smaller bag for night, I decided to snap a picture of what I normally lug around with me on a daily basis.* *Candy wrappers, lint and receipts have been removed for the quality of the photograph.

- Cupcakes and Cashmere for COACH bag (seen here, here and here): Accommodates a ton of stuff.

- Marni wallet: Classic black patent that takes well to being thrown around.

- Forever 21 necklace: You never know when you'll need to spiff up an outfit for nighttime.

- Viva La Juicy perfume: Light, floral and fun to apply.

- Nivea lip balm: I'm kind of addicted to this stuff.

- Calendar + rolling ball pen: I'm obsessive about being prompt and keeping track of appointments.

- Make Up Forever concealer: Easy to use and offers great coverage.

- Band-Aids: Always good to have on hand (plus, you'll be a hero to someone with a new blister).

- M.A.C. Snob (seen here and here): A pretty, nude pink lipstick.

- Quarters: A necessity in L.A.

- Tide To-Go Stick: Essential for anyone who spills as much as I do.

- Glide floss: You never know when you're going to have something wedged in your teeth.

- Bobby pins: I like adding little braids and securing them with bobby pins.

- Hair elastics: Perfect for switching hair styles midday.

- Jeweled headband (seen here): Makes a normal hairstyle instantly glamorous.

- Keys: I keep them together with a leather key chain I bought years ago.

- Free People sunglasses: These are my current favorites.

- Motorola Droid: All the great features of an iPhone, but with good service.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.