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In Defense of Souvenirs

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The other night after dinner, my friend and I visited her aunt's house, who lives in my neighborhood. I'd been to her home before, but each visit I discover new things I love about her space. It's one of the most well curated interiors I've ever seen and the thing that stood out the most was all the unique pieces she has picked up on various trips. A collection of geode-encrusted boxes on top of books, a silver fish that doubled as a bottle opener and intricate brushes that lay atop a lucite table; each one a treasured memory rather than just a decorative touch.

When Geoffrey and I started dating, we went on a trip to Maui. It was my first time taking a vacation as an adult, without family, and I loved every minute of it. Most of the places we visited were admittedly very touristy, but I was determined to find something that we could bring back that would serve as a reminder of our trip. On the last night, we wandered into a little shop where I spotted some wooden salad tongs. They were overpriced, but I envisioned the person who had carved them by hand and was so charmed that I walked out with them a few minutes later. Of course, once we returned to L.A. I found myself in a Cost Plus where, lo and behold, there were our exact salad tongs: a product that was clearly mass produced and, to top things off, a quarter of the price. 

But what I took from that experience wasn't that I had been naive or duped - it simply added to the memory and provides a funny story each time we serve salad. I'm a firm believer in bringing home something from each trip we take, not just tchotchkes, but pieces that tell a story and reinforce the importance of having a well curated home.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.