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I Found the Perfect Ice Cream and It Doesn't Have Any Processed Sugar or Dairy

Plus poetry for the busy.

One of my favorite things about L.A. weekend trips is always the drive itself. On Saturday, Jonah and I left bright and early for Morro Bay, a small beach town three hours north. We stopped at my favorite OAT Bakery in Santa Barbara (which bakes possibly my favorite bread, ever) then took the scenic route, enjoying the views of wine country while we snacked on our 'Hygge' Buns. Though I optimistically brought several books, I ended up only reading a few pages since the days were packed with wine-tasting, board games, and cooking a feast of Alison Roman dishes. Here's what I'm loving this week:


My love of Taylor Swift dates back to middle school when 'Tim McGraw' was the soundtrack to my first crush. My best friend and I cried to 'Fifteen' when we got our hearts broken at the same time, and then to 'Never Grow Up' when the release coincided with our high school graduation. 'Welcome to New York' came out the same year I moved to the city, and I blasted it without irony in my first apartment. In a lot of ways, I've felt like Swift, who's two years older than I am, has paved the way for me—and I've become accustomed to defending her songwriting talent, choices, and feuds with Kanye. In the new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, Swift pulls back the curtain on her life in a documentary directed by Lana Wilson. She opens up about fame, her career, songwriting, and sensitive topics like her politics, self-esteem, sexual assault, and history with eating disorders. Whether you're a fan or not, it's a fascinating look at the exceedingly difficult life of anyone who lives in the spotlight—something I think we can all agree on.


In anticipation of my gum surgery two and a half weeks ago, I knew I would be eating a lot of ice cream for the first few days (like, pints), so I scoured the Whole Foods shelves for not only my favorite, Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche, but also a few "healthier" options. My favorite, by far, turned out to be one I almost didn't purchase because I assumed it wouldn't be good: Hakuna Banana Choco Choco Chip. Let me tell you, this stuff is incredible. The main ingredient is bananas, followed by cocoa powder, coconut milk, organic chocolate, and sweetened by dates. It does have some guar and tara gum, which can be tough on bellies, but very little so I'm counting it as 100% healthy. It's a creamy, delicious, chocolatey alternative to ice creams with dairy and processed sugar, if you're into that kind of thing! I'm personally on a mission to try every flavor...


This weekend, I picked up a friend's copy of Rupi Kaur's second poetry collection, the sun and her flowers, and was surprised when I couldn't put it down because I would say I fit pretty squarely into the "not a poetry person" category, for the most part. The collection, however, tells the story of growth and healing and reminded me verrry loosely of a teenage favorite, Crank, a novel written in poems. I loved it so much I'm planning on running to the bookstore today to grab her first collection, milk and honey

On Being Studios also recently launched a poetry podcast, "Poetry Unbound," where the host guides you through a poem's insight and meaning every Monday and Friday, in a 10-minute "weekly ritual." It's similar to my other favorite podcast "The Slow Down," while more overtly tapping into the "healing ritual" poetry can provide. 


The Iowa presidential caucuses begin today, which marks the beginning of the elections (ahhhh!!). If you're still split between Democratic candidates, this Washington Post quiz breaks down the candidates' stances in an easy-to-follow quiz!

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1. This company is revolutionizing the chicken industry

2. This cookware company has some extremely cool roots!

3. How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

4. I've been really enjoying this song by Overcoats.

5. What kind of 'tired' are you?

6. We get it—drink lots of water if you want to be a successful woman...

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.