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Starting Healthy Habits

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Until recently, I was someone who always looked for a shortcut. Whether that meant slipping out of a workout class early, condensing a recipe, or skimming over assembly instructions. If there was a quicker (and often less effective) way of doing something, I was game. And that was the way I approached almost everything, including my health, up until a couple of months ago when I decided to finally make a change.

I'd had back-to-back sinus infections and cases of bronchitis, was struggling at work, and found myself questioning whether I was ever going to feel energetic again. I worried the only way to feel my best meant embracing what I saw projected across social media, which was filled with green smoothies, intimidating workouts, lean protein with veggies, and lots and lots of water. It wasn't until a phone call with a girlfriend when I admitted my burnt out that she suggested something I hadn't considered: more self care. That's when it clicked. She didn't tell me to subsist on greens and grueling spin classes, but to find more balance and a wellness routine that worked for me. My version of a healthy lifestyle might look different from the ones I see on social media and as soon as I stopped trying to tailor my regimen to those around me, it all became simple.


Mental health is just as important as physical health, which is why every day I make sure to take the time to meditate (I swear by the Headspace app). It's something that I used to do when I had more time and completely cut out once Sloan started school and work became more demanding. I choose a different theme each day, depending on my mood, which is great since there are guided practices whether you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or simply looking to fall back asleep.

I may never be that person who leads a grain-free, no refined sugars lifestyle, but I take other steps to ensure I feel my best. Each morning, I make a glass of orange juice for Sloan and myself and recently started taking MegaFood® supplements. They're premium supplements that are made with real, whole foods from farm partners, designed to deliver essential vitamins and minerals, and are tested for herbicides and pesticides, as well as being vegan and gluten-free. I’m loving their new line of gummy vitamins! Talk about the best of both worlds - they taste great and are such an easy part of my morning routine. They’re available in four delicious flavors, but because I don't get a lot of sun and need that boost of energy to get me through the day, the MegaFood B12 Energy Cranberry and D3 Wellness gummy vitamins have become staples in my wellness routine (their other gummy vitamin options include B12 Energy Ginger and C Defense Tangy Citrus)*. As for my diet, I have a light breakfast and lunch and have a heavier dinner with a glass of red wine (or two) and a modest dessert, since life's too short. And while I sometimes wish I had one go-to workout that I did without fail five days a week, I prefer to constantly switch it up. Sometimes that means going for a short walk; other times I'll do push-ups, sit-ups, and squats while watching T.V. I figure as long as I'm staying somewhat active, that's what matters most.


The changes I've made in recent months have been gradual, but impactful and I'm feeling the best I have in quite some time. My energy levels are back up (even that 3 to 4pm afternoon slump!), and I feel strong and heathy. Ultimately it's about being okay with wherever you currently are, not comparing yourself to others, and recognizing that leading a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone, so as long as you're taking care of yourself, that's all that matters.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.