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How to Help Texas Right Now (And Useful Resources For Those in Need)

For those looking to help from afar or in Texas...

Last week, 73% of the country was covered in snow during massive winter storms caused by climate change. They devastated parts of the country unprepared for severe weather and, in Texas, power outages have created apocalyptic scenarios and incredibly dangerous conditions. For those looking to help, either from afar or on the ground, we've rounded up organizations you can donate to or even volunteer with in Texas. To all of our Texas readers: Stay safe and warm out there! We're thinking of you.

To help the houseless:

Food banks: 

General and Mutual Aid:


  • SARA Animal Sanctuary is in need of donations for hay 

Follow March For Our Lives Texas for resource guides compiled in their "Winter Storm" highlight.

@jessicayellin is an excellent resource for both those in Texas, and news about the crisis. This Google sheet is frequently updated, with resources by neighborhood and tips (many of the donation resources above were pulled from their "Donate" page). 

General tips for staying safe in a winter storm, from the American Red Cross.

If you are in Austin and in need of emergency supplies, please us this form

More Texas Weather Crisis resources, by city, here!

If you have any additional resources we should consider, please share them with us on our feedback form, so we can add them here! Thank you!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.