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How I Decorated For Our First Halloween in the New House

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Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember, though the lead-up is often as rewarding as the day itself. I often begin brainstorming our family's costume as early as March (which Sloan now heavily weighs in on, naturally) and will take any opportunity to celebrate a holiday that appreciates candy as much as I do (see here, here, and here).

It goes without saying that this year will sadly look quite a bit different from past years—many of the festivities that make Halloween Halloween aren't possible or safe to do as long as coronavirus remains a threat. While I've toyed with hosting a small, distanced, outdoor gathering with some of Sloan's friends, we won't be Trick-or-Treating this year, nor will I be heading to New Orleans for my annual girls' trip. That being said, I've fully embraced the one element that's definitely in my control: Decorating. 

Most years, I begin decorating the house with spooky touches long before what is considered seasonally appropriate, but this year I began placing skeletons, human-sized spiders, and, of course, candy around the house as soon as G gave me the go-ahead back in September. What makes it even more special is the fact that this is our first Halloween in our new house. Because we listed our last house in October and moved in December of last year, we missed out on the holiday completely, being too busy packing and then unpacking, to be able to decorate. This year, I went all-out with finds from eBay

As soon as I began my search, earlier this fall, I was thrilled to discover that eBay has a wide range of products that includes both the downright scary decor I prefer for the exterior, with plenty of options for the subtler items I gravitate toward for inside the house. There's plenty available on their marketplace, no matter your budget or preference, and the "buy it now" option available on 80% of all merchandise makes it even easier to find and source everything you need. 

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We went a bit nuts on the creepy factor of the outside, but fortunately Sloan is now old enough to find the same joy in the macabre that I do. From our Juliet balcony, we hung this skeleton-zombie with fully posable limbs, which couldn't have been easier to install. She shares the same area of the house as a massive spider with red eyes. We also got a few of these, which we scattered around the front yard, with a giant web (all of which shipped for free, as does the majority of eBay's merchandise!). 

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The grand finale of the outdoors is the skeleton, which I seated with his (her?) legs crossed. I nearly went with this option to keep in line with the "red eyes" theme, but I love the option I ultimately settled on. He sits near the witch's hand, which we hung to look as if she's reaching out of the stonework.

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The entryway marks the transition from the spooky, creepy vibe of the outside into a warmer, more autumnal feel inside with this wreath. I love how the small orange lights glow, so we can see it even from inside at night.

Inside, I added bat decals to the mirror in our dining room, a skeleton garland to our fireplace, pumpkin lights to the stairwell, and replaced the tapered beeswax candles on our mantle with black candles fit for a witch. 

While shopping, I also found plenty of ideas for next year (like I said, planning ahead...), including a 'No Vacancy' sign reminiscent of Psycho (and this costume). I kind of love the idea of making it Hitchcock themed...

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Thank you to eBay and Shopstyle for partnering with me on this post! To see how I've decorated the house for previous Halloweens, see here, here, and here

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.