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How I Met My 3 Best Friends

And why finding your crew as an adult is sometimes the best way.
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The love these three "aunties" have for Sloan (and she for them) makes my heart hurt.

The love these three "aunties" have for Sloan (and she for them) makes my heart hurt.

I had good friends growing up, but never found my forever-bestie-until-we-die kinda girl. It wasn't until I turned eighteen and met Rachel that I realized that I could connect with someone in such a deep way, as if we'd known each other our whole lives. Since then, I've found two other girls that fit that bill and I feel so incredibly fortunate. My friends keep me sane, are my go-to phone calls at my best and worst, and serve as an inspiration as to how I want to live my life. Here's how I met each of my best friends, what I love most about them, and why finding your people as an adult is sometimes the best way.

Rachel Best Friend 2
At my baby shower that Rach co-hosted

At my baby shower that Rach co-hosted

Rach and I met our first week of freshman year at Scripps College. We lived two doors down from each other and hit it off immediately. And despite some of our random similarities—we're both Taurii, have a general distaste for sharing dairy (I don't even let G take a lick from my ice cream cone), and are drawn to scary, murder-y books—we're very different people. For one, Rach is the single most organized person I've ever known. This was most evident in our dorm room set ups. Hers was pristine—with a hand-knit (maybe it was crocheted?) blanket placed neatly at the edge of her bed, a beautiful array of framed photographs, a stocked fridge, and living (!) plants. Mine had pictures haphazardly taped to the walls, drawers bursting with disorganized papers, receipts, and gum wrappers, and pink and purple moments* exploding throughout the space. We've remained best friends since graduating from college and still make time to watch bad movies together (I plan on forcing her to watch the newest 50 Shades film with me once it's available to rent), go for weekly walks (we live ten minutes apart!), and text about the struggles of bra shopping. 

*One of the classier moments was a pink boa that I'd hung over my bed.  

Thing I love the most: Rach is the most generous person I've ever met (almost to a fault) and always goes far out of her way for others. Whether she's dropping off a beautiful, homemade package of Easter goodies, throwing a Pinterest-worthy party for a friend, or texting me good luck on a big day, she makes her relationships a priority. I still have the card she slid under my door my senior year of college wishing me good luck on that day's interview (it was at Conde Nast, where I was then hired).

She's best at: Calming me down. When Rocco got sick, she was the first call I made. 

The Prettiest Feature I Wish I Could Steal from Her: Her hair.

What her "niece" calls her: Rayshee 

Cristina best Friend
My perpetual date - this time to a Golden Globes party

My perpetual date - this time to a Golden Globes party

Cristina and I met as sales assistants at Condé Nast in 2005. On her first day, I popped my head into her office (which was more like a tiny cave) and basically decided we were going to be friends. She still comments on how out of character it was for me that I was so outgoing since I'm typically very reserved and shy when it comes to meeting new people. Our relationship evolved quickly and soon enough she was pulling pranks on me nearly every time I left my desk. One time I left to grab coffee and came back to find that my color-coordinated paper clip collection, though still held together neatly in its box, was all jumbled. Cristina claims she could hear me whimpering through the wall and was pretty much in hysterics listening to the whole thing unfold. We still try to see each other once a week and she's a constant fixture at our dinner table on Sunday night.

Thing I love the most: Cristina has the ability to push me more than anyone else in my life. I know she adores me, so when she encourages me to try new things, to not shelter Sloan so much, or to be less overwhelmed by the prospect of having dinner past 7pm, I listen. It's nice to find a person who can be completely honest with you and somehow deliver things in a way that are never judgmental or harsh.

She's best at: Confirming if something's cute. She's the first person I text to see if I should buy myself (or at times both of us) a pair of shoes or a pom pom hair tie.

The Prettiest Feature I Wish I Could Steal from Her: Her eyebrows.

What her "niece" calls her: TT

Brooke Best Friend
In matching sun hats while vacationing in Palm Springs

In matching sun hats while vacationing in Palm Springs

Brooke. I met Brooke when we were both in a mutual friend's wedding. For the first few bridesmaids get-togethers, she was out of town and she was spoken of so highly that I'd almost built her up in my mind. I was so curious what she'd be like and when we eventually met, she exceeded all of my expectations. She's always been incredibly supportive and was there to witness and handle Sloan's (and my) biggest meltdown. When Sloan was a few months old, Brooke, Cristina, G and I took her to our favorite dim sum restaurant, even though it was the first time she'd ever skipped her morning nap. Sloan got progressively fussier and by the time we were seated, she was beside herself. It was the first time I'd seen her so upset and I completely freaked out, thinking there was something wrong with her. Brooke calmly escorted us out of the restaurant and insisted on driving us home since I had gotten myself so worked up. At the time I didn't even realize I needed help, but she was able to read the situation better than me and stepped in without me even having to ask.

Thing I love the most:
Brooke has infectious energy and even though she considers herself to be an "easy laugh" (I'm the opposite, for the record), she's one of the funniest people I know. If I'm ever having an off day and she's unavailable, I'll sometimes even scroll through past text messages of ours for some comic relief.

She's best at: Planning adventures. Brooke is my go-to call if I'm considering a girls weekend away, an apple picking trip, or trying out a new restaurant.

The Prettiest Feature I Wish I Could Steal from Her: Her cheek bones.

What her "niece" calls her: Book

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.