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House Hunting


Recently it became clear that my boyfriend and I had grown out of our current place (in some ways, quite literally). It was almost sad to realize, since these past two years here have been wonderful, but we were both ready for a change. This past weekend we found an incredible apartment with hardwood floors, a fireplace, an open kitchen, exposed beams and gorgeous bedrooms and yesterday we got word that it's ours. It's going to take a while to furnish the place, but in the meantime, I'm obsessing over nearly every piece at Jayson Home & Garden that will add a chic touch.

1. Vintage Suitcase, $695

2. Boucle Wire Shop Baskets, $98

3. Bacchus Serving Stand, $150

4. Farmers Market Baskets, $20

5. Quartz Votive Holder, $54

6. Knot Door Stop, $35

7. Marble Salt and Pepper Cellars, $108

8. Vintage Flashlight Lamp, $250

9. Watson Horn Magnifier, $42

10. Big Sur Lantern, $78

11. Pyrite Heart, $52

12. Claw Bottle Opener, $24

Products in this post may contain affiliate links