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Holiday Portraits

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When I wrote my fall to-do list a couple of months back, my top priority was to take pictures for our family holiday card. But when our impromptu pumpkin patch photo shoot turned out to be a bust, we decided to hire a professional. 

We scheduled a session with Amanda Gallant, who works with Max Wanger (the photographer who shot our wedding that we adored), for a Monday afternoon. I left the office with more than enough time for us to change into our outfits (that I'd laid out in advance!) before heading over to Griffith Observatory. 

I didn't realize, until we were overlooking the city, that the brisk afternoon had morphed into a frigid typhoon (by L.A. standards, at least). Understandably, Sloan was miserable from the moment we stepped out of the car. She didn't smile once, but with the wind whipping at our backs all bundled together, we still had a great time and I'm so pleased with how our photographs came out.


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.