Holiday Gift Guide - Under $100


Last week, when I put together my first Holiday Gift Guide (see my $25 and under picks here), I was worried that it was too early in the season. Somehow only seven days have passed, but now that Thanksgiving is merely a week away, holiday shopping is now in full swing. I've already made several purchases for family and friends, but after putting together today's guide, it's clear that I need to add: a pair of mittens that say "place snowball here," a heart-shaped vase and a preppy tartan coin purse. 1. Goody Grams' Pewter + Glass Animal Shot Glasses $32 each 2. French Connection Bashed Disc Necklace $50 3. Diptyque Gardenia Candle $60 4. Asos Gray Feather Clutch $35 5. Kate Spade Pop Rocks Ring $95 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat's Eye Glasses $98 7. Kate Spade Snowball Mittens $65 8. Harry Allen Pig Bank $98 9. Asos Gray Watch $45 10. Comme de Garcons Tartan Coin Purse $90 11. Topshop Hawaaian Headband $50 12. B.P. Frankie Flat $60 13. Jonathan Adler Charade Heart Vase $98 14. Chanel Temporary Skin Art $75 15. K?rastase Bain Ol?o Relax $50