Holiday Gift Guide - For Men


When Emily asked me to create a gift guide for men, I thought it would take about 5 minutes, since that's pretty much how long it takes me to shop. However, the process was a little more challenging than I expected. I decided to focus on three main categories: home, style, and tech; while also providing an array of items at different price points. I personally own or have used most of these items and feel any guy would be lucky to receive them. Happy Holidays!


1. Handsome Coffee: $17-$22 - L.A. based coffee roasters, providing a great selection of delicious varietals.

2. Whistle Pig Rye: $65 - 10-year-old, 100% Rye from Vermont. You'll want to drink this straight.

3. Global 3-Piece Knife Set: $235 - A favorite among professional chefs, this set provides you with the essential blades.

4. The Art of Fixing Things: $11 - Over 150 tips on everything from home repair to car maintenance.

5. Monogrammed Linen Cocktail Napkins: $29 - Adds a personal and stylish touch to ordinary cocktail napkins.

6. Woodsnap Photo Prints: $40 (plus) - Create a unique canvas for your photos. Also works with Instagram.

7. Tovolo Ice Sphere (set of 2): $12 - Melts slowly and evenly, so your drinks don't get watered down. Plus it simply looks cool.

8. AeroPress Coffee Maker (w/filters): $29 - Hand pressed coffee maker, creates a less acidic and more concentrated flavor.


1. Malin+Goetz Essentials Kit: $30 - This is the perfect travel set and is far superior to most hotel supplied toiletries.

2. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush: $48 - A traditional brush brings a level of comfort and sophistication to an everyday shave.

3. Charcoal Cardigan from Pendleton: $108 - Warm, Shetland wool from a classic American mill.

4. Warby Parker "Griffin" sunglasses (in blonde tortoise): $95 - Sleek but simple design, and they will create a prescription pair for $150.

5. Raleigh Denim Original Raw Thin Fit: $285 - These are expensive, but based on how they age and fit, your guy will get more use out these than most premium denim.

6. Timex 1600: $195 - Handsome and affordable, this piece can be worn casually or dressed up.

7. Billykirk No. 166 Large Carryall: $350 - Great weekend bag, with classic canvas and leather details.

8. MacAlister Brickman Leather Boot: $168 - Every guy needs a great pair of boots and these are versatile enough to be worn with jeans or a suit.

9. Geo F. Trumper Shaving Creams: $30 - A huge upgrade from Edge Gel, these creams last longer and provide a smoother shaving experience.


1. OlloClip Lens: $70 - A 3-in-1 accessory, giving your iPhone camera the ability to shoot wide and macro images.

2. Sonos Play 3: $299 - One of the best sounding and streamlined wireless music systems on the market.

3. Yurbuds: $50 - I've tried quite a few running headphones and nothing has worked as well as these attachements. They will fit on any standard ear buds.

4. Apple TV : $99 - A great option for people who don't want a cable subscription, plus you can stream all media (photos, music, etc.) from your computer through your TV and home stereo.

5. Evernote Moleskin Smart Notebook: $25 - Digitize handwritten notes and index them in Evernote, making all of your ideas and thoughts searchable.

6. Lytro Camera: $399 - A different kind of camera, that captures the entire light field and lets you focus and refocus the finished photo as often as you like, creating "living pictures."