Halloween Costume: Katy Perry


Because I have the musical taste of a pre-teen, I wanted to embrace it as part of this year's Halloween costume. Katy Perry's look is so over-the-top, that I knew I'd have fun recreating it (and perhaps the most exciting part is that G agreed to go as Russell Brand). There are plenty of prepackaged costume options that could have done the job with a lot less work, but I was up to the challenge to put a unique twist on her look with a bright wig, cupcake accessories, and a candy button belt.


Since blue hair wasn't drastic enough, I also secured a dog toy cupcake (classy, I know) onto a headband.


I found cupcake containers at Dylan's Candy bar, just used the tops and secured them to my dress (H&M circa 2010) with velcro tape. 


For my belt, I used two strips of candy buttons and tied them together with pink string. It's a bit fragile, which simply means I can't overindulge at the actual party so it doesn't burst.


Sweet accessories: a giant lollipop and candy bracelets.


Heavy winged liner, fake lashes, and light pink lip gloss.