Give and Receive


Despite my best efforts, I almost always end up waiting until Christmas Eve to complete all of my holiday shopping. I panic my way throughout the month of December, and yet somehow, I never learn from my previous bouts with procrastination. That sense of urgency starts in mid-November and each year, I have to remind myself that it's not about finding the most expensive gifts, but rather the ones with the most meaning. To put myself in the gift-giving mindset, I think of the best presents I've received and why they were so special. Here are just a few that stick out. - Personalized stationary. A few months after I graduated from college, my parents gave me a beautiful set of cards with my name embossed in thin, gold letters and it made me feel so grown-up and official. -My Nikon D40. A nice camera truly shifts the way you see the world and the one my boyfriend picked out for me has captured so many significant moments. -Caesar salad. My uncle once wrapped up little packages filled with the ingredients for his famous Caesar salad. He then took me into the kitchen and taught me how to make it on my own. What's the most memorable gift you received during the holidays?