Girls' Trip to Paris

Heading to France for a celebratory trip.
Matching, naturally 

Matching, naturally 

While I've gone on plenty of quick girls' trips to Palm Springs and Ojai (both of which are within a two-hour drive of L.A.), I've never ventured this far away with a friend—until this week. On Wednesday, Cristina and I are heading to Paris for a few days! I'm going for work and can't believe my luck that she's able to join. When we booked the tickets, I initially felt nervous because while I know how to travel with family and my husband, a girls' trip abroad feels completely different, to the point that I had trouble envisioning what it would look like. Because I haven't done a ton of traveling, I sometimes feel obligated on trips to squeeze in as many cultural experiences as possible—my initial instinct was to map out as many museums and historical sites as possible. But the more spots I added to our itinerary, the more I resented it, until we dropped our itinerary altogether and came up with a completely different strategy. 

Instead, Cristina and I are planning on mirroring our best days at home: when we have no plans at all, beyond seeing each other. Those are the days that evolve into memorable nights—whether we go out or end up sitting in our pajamas talking. To that end, we won't be doing anything necessarily historical or cultural, or even making restaurant reservations—our trip will be comprised mostly of walking the streets, ducking into bars for warm drinks and glasses of Champagne, eating all of the French onion soup and crepes we can, exploring, and shopping. It's the trip equivalent of a rom com—yes, it's important to watch documentaries where you learn things, but sometimes a rom com, or an itinerary-less girls' trip, is just what the doctor ordered.

I also love that this trip happens to coincide with the decade anniversary of the biggest passion project of my life—more on that Wednesday! In the meantime, feel free to send me any Paris recommendations or tips for traveling with girlfriends!