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Gift Idea: Wrapping Kit


The other night, we were carpooling to a party with a friend and we both had brought bottles of champagne as gifts. Mine was admittedly a bit over the top - in a cute bag, with a little note and a hang tag wishing the hosts a happy holiday. My friend's bottle of bubbly was still in the bag from the liquor store and she immediately became (unnecessarily) embarrassed. She noted that not everyone has the equivalent of a paper goods store in their office closet, which isn't that far from the truth in my case. She half-jokingly requested that I make her a starter kit, a gift-wrapping starter kit so to speak, and so I took the challenge. Here's what I always have on hand so that I can transform even simple items into gifts on the fly.


Twine, baker's twine, stickers/labels, treat bags, hang tags, glue pen, glitter, glue stick, a colored pen, ribbon, tissue paper.


I stuck to a bit of a color palette, just so that throwing together gifts would be really simple. I went with neutrals with pops of color and gold. This feels festive, but can also be used year-round.


Instead of tossing everything into a big bag, I put it into a lucite box to corral things in a cute way. That way, she can also easily see what needs to be restocked.


Some of the gifted items put to use: hang tags for presents and little bags for holding treats.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.