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Gift Guide: The Best Little Luxuries for Friends, Family, or Yourself

Products and services that we promise will make the every day feel just a *little* more indulgent.

There's nothing better than unwrapping a gift that feels a step above practical and a step below lavish. Those small items that make daily life a little bit lighter, and spark joy each time you use them. That's what inspired this guide – and we're hoping these 33 gifts will improve the day-to-day tasks, events, habits, and rituals of whoever you're gifting them to (even if it's yourself!):

Little Luxuries Gift Guide

1. The Qi Bloom Glass Teapot + Flower Tea Set ($98): This stunning teapot is a modern miracle: It took over 18 months for The Qi to complete because the design concept was rejected by 10 factories before they finally achieved the perfect shape. The blooming flower tea is a bonus.

2. One Wednesday Waffle Knit Robe (currently on sale for $94): "I consider myself a robe aficionado – and while I also love my Parachute robes, this slightly longer version with a feminine shawl collar is the most plush and breathable one I've owned." - Jess

3. Evermill The Complete Counter Top Rack ($249): The chicest method to keep your spices organized. It's even Oprah approved.

4. Cowgirl Creamery's Monthly Cowgirl Club ($95/month or 1 month for $100): Cheese delivered to your doorstep (that's the dream), from the company that brought you Brie's quirky California cousin, Mt Tam.

5. Poppy Flowers Floral Design Kit (starts at $75): Allow your gift recipient to build their own bouquet from favorite flower subscription service. P.S. cupcakes and cashmere readers get their very own discount with code CUPCAKES15 at checkout.

6. Vintage Bookshelf Edition Monopoly Game ($48): An old-school game in brand-new (vintage) packaging. Gift family and friends the opportunity to play a phone-free game – plus, it's pretty enough to display on a bookshelf or coffee table (along with Clue, Scattergories, and Catch Phrase!).

7. Hill House Home "Je Suis Tired" Silk Eye Mask (currently on sale for $40): Finally, the ideal mask to help channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.

8. Jennifer Behr Lune Earrings ($198): A celestial design and pearls? Jennifer Behr has outdone themselves with these show-stopping statement earrings.

9. All things Stoney Clover Lane (these two are currently on sale for $55): There's no such thing as too many (pastel) pouches. The personalization is a bonus.

10. R+D.Lab Luisa Bonne Nuit Carafe and Glass Set from Minna Goods ($175): The most gorgeous carafe and glass set (in one of our favorite color combos) to leave out on your nightstand. 

11. cupcakes and cashmere Shop's Clam Shell Lamp ($32): The battery-powered lamp that will create a bit of mood lighting during early mornings with coffee or cocktail hour.

Little Luxuries Gift Guide2

12. OUAI x BYREDO Mojave Ghost Leave In Conditioner ($26): "I missed out on last year's Ouai x Byredo dry shampoo (their first collaboration), and I will not be making that mistake again." - Kelly

13. Fredericks and Mae Small Chopping Block ($40): An unexpectedly fun color palette to keep cutting, chopping, and prepping from feeling like a chore.

14. Skeem Design Glass Cloche + Matches ($32): The prettiest way to display matches, and in four colors.

15. Lilah Lifestyle Co. Crimp Marble Dish ($24): A catchall for jewelry and small trinkets, or use it as a canister for an accessible big pinch of salt. 

16. Olive & June The Mani Jetsetter ($62 but currently 25% off): "Of course the cupcakes and cashmere collection would be my first suggestion, but this bundle has all the basics plus eight mini polishes so your friend can find their favorite O&J shade." - Emily

17. Buck Mason Vintage Interloop Crew and Sweatpant ($80 and $85): "Buck Mason gifted me this sweatsuit earlier this year, and the cut is so flattering you'd swear it was tailored to fit me. I've worn it on flights, running errands, and binging Hallmark Christmas movies on the couch." - Jess

18. Anthropologie Taper Candle Holder ($16-22): For the loved one who discovered they can never have too many candles (in every shape and size–including tapers) over the past few years (hi, that's us).

19. Vineglacé Wine Chiller ($89): Friends don't let friends drink room temperature white wine.

20. cupcakes and cashmere Marin Floating Diamond Cluster Necklace (currently on sale for $1,250): Fifteen floating and glittering diamonds on a 14K solid gold chain – and $200 off. 

21. Kate McLeod The Body Stone ($45): "I've gone through three Body Stones (two Daily and one Grounding) and I tell everyone about them. It's the only product that's helped the KP on my arms, and makes moisturizing feel like a self-administered spa treatment." - Jess

22. Food52 Five Two Ultimate Baking Tool Set ($49): A coordinated set of baking tools that will make frosting cakes a joy.

Little Luxuries Gift Guide3

23. Boden Cashmere Bed Socks in Chinchilla/Milkshake/Coral ($75): Keep your feet warm by wrapping them in cashmere socks (in the sweetest color combination).

24. Crate & Barrel Stovetop Popcorn Popper ($35): "Trust me (and G), once you go stovetop popcorn, you never go back. Throw in a container of nutritional yeast to really bring your snack game up a notch." - Emily

25. KNC Beauty 5-Pack of Star Eye Mask ($25): Hands-down the most Instagrammable eye mask on the market. Helps that they're also incredibly effective.

26. Nécessaire The Body Wash ($25): "Every Nécessaire product feels luxurious, but if I had to suggest one to give as a gift, it would be The Body Wash in Sandalwood. It's a sultry, androgynous scent that makes a shower feel much less mundane." - Emily

27. BORNN Colorama Baking Dish ($28): Perfect for camping, picnicking, or staying at home. Luckily, they're also dishwasher and oven safe.

28. Classic Shortbread Assortment ($56): These are delightfully irresistible – both because of the delicious shortbread and the pops of color from the edible flowers. It drops weekly, so set a calendar reminder.

29. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Small Ripple Cup ($25): Just add a fun cocktail (or sparkling beverage).

30. Everlane The ReNew Teddy Liner ($98): Cozy, comfy, and camo.

31. Dehiya Beauty The Halo Effect ($38): "This multi-purpose, luminizing highlighter balm gives me a dewy, sun-kissed glow to the spots where sun hits naturally." - Emily

32. Crate & Barrel "C'est Cheese" Piecework Puzzle ($36): Pull this out during a girls night or for a low-key solo evening at home.

33. OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil ($48): The cult-favorite oil that your skin will drink up and smells like heaven.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.