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Gift Guide: The 25 Best Items to Give to the Men in Your Life

From a new coffee subscription to the most sophisticated lucite poker set.

Finding the best gifts for the guy in your life can be a challenge – but a challenge that we'll happily take on for you. Honestly, we'd be thrilled receiving most of these, and we feel confident that the men you love will be big fans of the 25 gifts below:

Mens Gift Guides 1

1. Momofuku Pantry Starter Pack (currently on sale for $55): "Upgrade your Asian-inspired cooking ingredients – and the packaging is cool enough to keep out on the counter." - G

2. Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand ($120): A modern way to charge your phone.

3. And Wander High Loft Fleece Jacket ($405): The softest, most luxurious jacket that he'll keep forever.

4. Set of 2 Whiskey Peaks - Mt. Fuji (currently on sale for $24): Take the traditional whiskey glasses up a notch.

5. Oculus Quest Q2 ($299-399): An all-in-one headset filled with hundreds of unique experiences. Just trust the more than 5,600 reviews and nearly five stars.

Mens Gift Guides 2

6. Annual New York Times Crossword Subscription ($40): Less than a dollar a week to access over 10,000 puzzles.

7. PRINTWORKS Chess Set ($47): For the competitive guy who needs a break from screens.

8. Packard Bell Home Theater Projector and Screen Set ($98): Movie buffs will appreciate the experience of a home theater.

9. HNDSM Tokyo Be Well Candle (currently on sale for $44): An androgynous scent inspired by one’s first trip to Japan. The woody and spicy notes coexist harmoniously with soft floral notes. This candle also has a moderate throw; the scent will be present but not dominant in his space.

10. A24 Screenplay Books ($60): Such an easy way to update a coffee table – just pick out his favorite A24 film.

Mens Gift Guides 3

11. Crossrope ($99-$248): The best weighted jump rope experience for a home workout. 

12. Breville the Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro ($400): "I've always wanted to make jerky, and this air fryer does everything from toasting and air frying to dehydrating." - G

13. EasyMoc Suede Loafers in Toast ($245): Hands-down the perfect WFH shoes.

14. Patagonia Baggies 5-Inch Swim Trunks ($55): Patagonia's cult-favorite trunks (that can also be worn as everyday shorts) come in a variety of colors and patterns.

15. 54 Thrones Something For Him Set ($34): A Black Soap Detox Bar to help with any razor bumps and a tube of their Moroccan Blue Tansy + Egyptian Blue Chamomile Body Butter for the smoothest skin.

Mens Gift Guides 4

16. Sunnylife Lucite Poker Game ($180): The most sophisticated limited edition lucite poker set inspired by the cozy comfort of sipping whisky by the fireplace, making it the ideal gift for any spirits connoisseur.

17. Everlane The ReNew Fleece Pullover ($78): For the hiker, the errand runner, or just the guy who loves to be cozy.

18. Double Face Merino Organic Cotton Socks ($29): A comfy treat for the feet.

19. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket ($499): An investment, but the benefits of the infrared sauna make it worthwhile for the wellness enthusiast in your life.

20. Le Labo Hand Pomade in Hinoki ($25): The ideal non-greasy companion in a rich woodsy scent to keep handy during the dry winter months.

Mens Gift Guides 5

21. Cometeer Gift Box ($64): A new coffee subscription for the lazy enthusiast.

22. Five Two by Food52 Set of 8 Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags (currently on sale for $20): The guys who frequents the farmers market will thank you. Bonus: Any produce stains won't be visible.

23. Hella 5-Flavor Bar Cocktail Bitters Set ($35): This flight of bitters will keep his creative cocktails interesting.

24. Black Food: Stories, Art, and Recipes from Across the African Diaspora by Bryant Terry ($37): Essays, art, and recipes, all bound together in this stunning and groundbreaking cookbook.

25. Fellow 16-Oz. Matte Black Move Mug (currently on sale for $31): A sleek design that's highly functional – the ceramic-clad interior preserves true-coffee flavor, and the double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps warm beverages hot for 12 hours and cold drinks chilled for a full day.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.