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Gift Guide: For Your Friend On-the-Go

For the fitness-junkies and adventure-seekers in your life.
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Gift Guide- For Your Friend _4

1. This Spire Mindfulness Tracker sends subtle reminders to calm down and breathe deeply.  

2. A National Parks Annual Pass to inspire adventure. 

3. Wireless sport earbuds that will go wherever they do. 

4. A marbled sports bra for support when (and where) they need it. 

5. Our coveted and cozy "Saturday" sweatshirt

6. A solar-powered iPhone charger for days off the grid.

7. Count your jumps and calories with an LED Smart Jump Rope

8. Be prepared for a party anywhere with this sleek portable speaker

9. Everyday gym essentials that fit into a purse. 

10. A minimal, chic yoga bag

11. Jumpstart their New Year's Resolutions with a Fitbit 'alta'

12. The prettiest blush carry-on suitcase that Leslie swears by. 

13. A high-tech posture trainer

14. This smart water bottle reminds you to stay hydrated. 

15. A colorful addition to your next camping excursion.

16. Keep lips from getting chapped with an organic scrub

17. A versatile LED lantern for longer, brighter nights. 

18. This all-in-one Kai travel set is ready to grab and get going. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.