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Gift Guide: For Little Ones

Toys for the toddlers and kids in your life.
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Gift Guide Roundup For the Little Ones with numbers 3.png

1. The most darling vest ($10).

2. Banjo for their first band ($35).

3. A pencil tree fit for a mini-desk ($42). 

4. This croissant teether looks good enough to eat ($26).

5. Fifty States card game ($24).

6. Cloud mobile for a little girl's room ($66).

7. The sweetest headband ($13).

8. These moccasin fringe shoes are too cute ($39).

9. Days of the week hair clips ($10).

10. They can explore well into the night with this light-up globe ($99).

11. A shirt with a sweet message ($25).

12. Chris Haughton's Shh! We Have a Plan and Little Owl Lost are two of Sloan's favorites.

13. A tee-pee fit for a reading nook ($38).

14. Solar system tattoos for the astronaut-in-training ($2.50).

15. A whole (mini) market of wooden play food ($19).

Products in this post may contain affiliate links