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Gift Guide: For Kids

15 gift ideas for the little ones in your life.
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1. These ingenious sidewalk chalk stencils will elevate their hopscotch game to a whole new level. 

2. A doctor set to fuel imagination. 

3. What could be more perfect than this mermaid sequined pillow?

4. A modern take on the rocking horse.

 5. A whimsical (and sustainable) rainbow neck pillow.

6. Sloan would love this interactive supermarket cash register.

 7. A super raincoat that can double as next year's Halloween costume. 

8. This cleaning set puts a new twist on "playing house."

9. The most adorable mini donut factory

10. This "Mad Mattr" set is nostalgic take on Playdough. 

11. Love this brightly-colored dollhouse

12. A playful wooden fire house

13. Does this celestial furry coat come in my size? 

14. This pastel café set looks like it was taken from a trendy LA coffee shop. 

15. Dismantled couch-cushion forts have officially been upgraded with this starry teepee

Products in this post may contain affiliate links