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We Played the Newlywed Game for Our Seventh Anniversary (And There Were a Few Surprises)

How well do G and I actually know each other?
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Yesterday marked Geoffrey and my seventh wedding anniversary, which is equal-parts difficult to believe (I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday) but also makes perfect sense considering the amount of growth we've gone through both as a couple, and as parents. This year, we didn't celebrate as we usually do, with gin martinis at "our spot," but spent a slow day at home after nearly a week with family. It was a difficult weekend, but I was also so thankful to have G at my side, through thick and thin. In the past, we've had Leslie send us each a questionnaire to answer for the blog—but this year, we decided it would be more fun to test our knowledge of the other with a Newlywed Game. Thankfully, most of our answers didn't come as a huge shock (I'm well aware of G's favorite movie, Jaws, by now), but there were also a few surprises—including a debate over my favorite candy, which G still maintains are these, for the record. You can watch the full video above! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.