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G and Me: 4 Random Things We Love About Each Other

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Since it's February and Valentine's Day always inspires some good old romanticism, I thought it would be fun to do a three-part series about G and me. We've been together for over eight years, which means we know each other very well. So to kick things off, here are four random things about each other that we love.

About G

1. G is a wealth of knowledge. I'm one of those people whom, if you ask the right questions about pretty specific topics, will know some of the answers. G, however, knows everything. When we first started dating, I was amazed by how he knew virtually everything about pop culture and hidden L.A. gems, but was just as informed about politics and historical events. It's fun to be with someone who seems to have all the answers - he's like my own personal Google - and is more than willing to teach others in a way that's never patronizing or judgemental.

2. He has a laugh used just for Sloan. Sloan's birth changed us both in profound ways and how it's softened G is something I'll never tire of seeing. He has a calm, stoic personality, but when it comes to his daughter, he's like a different person. One of my favorite examples of this is in a small, subtle moment: when he's looking a photograph of her that's adorable/hilarious, he has this laugh that doesn't even sound like him. It's uninhibited, raw and child-like, and further illustrates how she truly is the light of his life.

3. Good impersonator. G does really good impressions. Like, so good that I've requested he not do some at night. Take, for example, his Buffalo Bill voice (from 'Silence of The Lambs'): it's so spot-on that it freaks me out too much to sleep. But others are just random and funny, like how he impersonates the guy from the Sargento cheese commercials with a really strong Wisconsin accent. 

4. Spontaneous shopper. It sounds weird, but I actually like that G has a tendency to shop a bit impulsively at times. While some of the things that arrive at our doorstep aren't exactly thought out (like the clunky bubble machine Sloan "needed"), I appreciate that he likes to find a solution for everything. Last week, after I saw a recipe for some slow-cooked chili I wanted to try, a new crock pot arrived the next day. We probably single-handedly keep Amazon Prime running, but at least we're well stocked, all of the time.

About Em

1. Em is a closeted geek.
Despite the fact that she'll claim up and down that she hates sci-fi, fantasy and most "geeky" genres, she often quotes Harry Potter, cried her eyes out during the entire new Star Wars movie, and gets excited about each Marvel film. Admittedly she has a thing for Chris Hemsworth, but that doesn't stop her from seeing every other comic book movie.

2. She gets the hiccups when she laughs. Whenever she finds something incredibly funny, she's breaks out into a fit of hiccups, which she feels is both annoying and self-perpetuating, since she laughs even harder once her diaphragm begins to convulse. It's incredibly entertaining to hear her lamenting the uncontrollable spasms, while creating more of them.

3.  Somewhat endearing lack of direction. We're fortunate to live in a city with a coastline, which is on the west side, the same side the sun sets. For thousands of years, man has navigated the planet using even less obvious landmarks, but if someone tells Emily a certain store is south of Beverly Blvd, on the west side of La Brea, they may as well be handing her a page with hieroglyphics. Thankfully we live in an age with GPS, but she still comes to me for directional help and I think it's sweet that she trusts me enough to guide her (in layman's terms), even more than she even trusts her phone. 

4. Her sincere pleasure in the little things. While many people become jaded as they get older, Emily never fails to find joy in gestures or events that I usually take for granted. She lives by a different credo than most ,and I'm inspired by her sense of gratitude for everything around her. 

Up next: My all-time favorite Valentine's Day with G.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.