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Five Things


{Chicago skyline with the cool greenish/blue water}

This week was a good one. Each night we finished work at a decent time, put on music, and drank wine while we made dinner. After the Emmy Awards on Sunday, we also decided it was time to finally give Homeland a try and I'm so glad we did - it's incredible. Last night's signing was so fun and we capped off the night with some of my closest friends at Sotto. Tonight we're staying in (ahem - finishing the first season of the aforementioned show) and tomorrow I'm heading down to Orange County for my last Southern California signing (details here). Have a great weekend!

{A day-in-the-life glimpse from NY Fashion Week with Est?e Lauder}


{A sleek bag in my favorite color of the season}


{A sweet gift from my husband - an "F" charm necklace for my new last name}


{Favorite discovery that I broke into immediately after my signing: Garrett's caramel/cheese popcorn}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links