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Five Things


{A new framed print that leans against our mantle}

I've always had mixed feelings about Labor Day - it hints at the beginning of my favorite season, but there's something bittersweet about summer coming to an end. The days have already started turning dark earlier in the evening and the streets are now clogged with cars en route to school. I'm looking forward to the long weekend - for yet another food festival, the last episode of Breaking Bad this year (I'm obsessed), a couple of dinner parties, and getting everything organized before I head out to New York next week.


{Besides burgundy lips, I'm also embracing the color in every capacity}


{"Blue meth" rock sugar for our Breaking Bad viewing party this Sunday night}


{Loving right now: a loose chignon + pearls + stripes}


{Solitary swing + rays of sunshine that almost look fake}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links