Five Things

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{Summertime sunset manicure}

This next week we're heading up to Northern California and I can't wait. We haven't been since we got married there in April, so I've just about reached my limit for how long I like to be away. On the agenda: a day trip to Napa, oysters at Stinson Beach, a 4th of July barbecue at my parents' house, trying out new restaurants in San Francisco, visiting friends, and going to a wedding. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here's a little glimpse of five things that are making me happy right now.


{Heart-shaped glasses that match the bougainvillea}


{A pint of Guinness at the newly re-opened Tom Bergin's}


{A miniature dome to store little treasures}


{Pretty hair ties for a swingy ponytail}