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{Wedding day Estée Lauder make-up}

Starting on Monday, next week's posts will be part of a "wedding week" here on the blog. I'm so thrilled with the photographs that Max sent over and can't wait to share details from our special day with you. I'll be flying out to New York for my first live Facebook chat with Estee Lauder on Tuesday, June 12th at 3pm EST here, so mark your calendars! We'll be compiling a list of bridal beauty questions to answer during the chat, so please feel free to leave any that you have in the comment section. Have a great weekend.


{Light-filled backyard dinners}


{Avocado season is in full swing: guacamole and chips}


{Cold-brewed iced coffee + coffee ice cubes}


{Chocolate-dipped cone after a trip to the Grove's Farmers Market}

First photo by Max Wanger