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Five Things


{Late afternoon bubble bath + Estée Lauder's Hot Coral Nail polish}

Yesterday afternoon I did something unheard of; I shut off. I put away all of my electronics - my computer, iPhone, iPad, iEverything and didn't look at them again until this morning. Over the holidays, my parents repeatedly said that my fiancé and I always seemed to be attached to our phones - whether we were relaxing by the fire or waiting in line at a restaurant. At the time, I brushed it off as one of those technological things they just didn't understand, but I'm starting to realize that they were right. I find the busier I am, the less I'm able to actually detach - even when it's really necessary. So here's to a weekend filled with spending time with friends (not on Facebook), sending handwritten notes (not text messages), and taking in the first signs of spring (not through Instagram).


{Collared shirt DIY project}


{The ideal way to embrace chilly nights}


{Playfully bright hammock stationery c/o of Tory Burch}


{How I like to savor the season's abundance of citrus}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links