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Five Things


{Dried flowers for future card making}

Do you ever have those weeks that no matter your best effort, you simply can't keep up? That's how I felt everyday this week and each night before bed, I couldn't help but recount all of the things I didn't finish. My friend taught me a prioritizing trick though, that helped get everything in perspective. She said to focus on just two things and that everything else could wait until later. So even though I have tons of emails to respond to (thank you for all of your amazing Italy recommendations. I'm so touched by all of your comments/emails/tweets), and several incomplete projects, it will all get finished in due time. Have a great weekend! P.S. To understand the true scale of the cookies below, I placed a penny by the plate. Kind of unreal/amazing.


{New obsession: wearing one teeny tiny ring}


{It's still January, but my closet has already transitioned to spring}


{Seriously large cookies from last night's movie-watching party}


{Long matches for lighting lots of candles at once}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links