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{Choose your holiday card - playfully customizable}

Earlier this week, while on the phone with my grandma, she said how excited she was about seeing me next week for Thanksgiving. I corrected her, saying that it was still two weeks away, but that I was also looking forward to our trip up north. Needless to say, she was right (and I'm pretty sure she's not even aware that Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday). I've since embraced the quickly approaching holiday season and have already started stocking up on greeting cards, wrapping paper, and the occasional rendition of "Carol of the Bells."


{My favorite thing to give for a birthday - nostalgia candy}


{The ideal pinkish beige - Nars Madere Matte Lipstick}


{My growing collection of seasonal wrapping papers from Paper Source}


{A utility clutch in a playful pattern}