Five Things

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{New gold cuffs (to be worn on each arm) from Topshop}

There are times when I think I would love living in New York. I'm a much more adventurous version of my normal self and find myself exploring new places, going out to fun restaurants instead of staying in, and walking everywhere instead of constantly driving around. But inevitably, I always cram in far too many things in too short of time and find myself missing home - the quiet neighborhood where we live, my local coffee shop, and our little family. I'm heading back to L.A. this afternoon and can't wait.


{Bergdorf window shopping: fierce Givenchy metallic-capped toe pump}


{Lobster roll + fries at The Standard}


{Cool decorating idea: hang dried eucalyptus in a row on an empty wall}


{First glimpse of fall weather from the back of a cab.}