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Five Things


{Cutest idea ever: Whole Foods' ice cream cone cookies}

My fiancé and I have been working a lot this week and we've barely seen each other. While it's not ideal, I'm not opposed to the notion of missing each other just a bit. It's funny what a little space can do - it makes me think about things in a different way, including the lost traditions from when we first met. Every morning he used to send me a "song of the day" that he thought I would enjoy. Sometimes I'd heard them before and other times I was pleasantly surprised, but I looked forward to it every day. So here's to rekindling lost traditions, celebrating the little things and, of course, your own song of the day. Joe Purdy - San Jose.


{A plant wrapped in pretty paper + note from my friend Lisa = perfect gift}


{Dream dress spotted at What Goes Around Comes Around}


{The neighbor's lemons that are now technically on our side of the fence}


{Two new (to me) cheeses that complement each other nicely}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links