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Five Things


{White floral candles are my favorite for summer}

This weekend in L.A. has been deemed "Carmageddon," which refers to the hysteria surrounding the temporary closure of the 405 freeway.* Apparently it's a pretty big deal around here, so we're planning on avoiding the car altogether. Since L.A. is such a spread out city that doesn't usually have that cohesive, neighborhoody feel, it's fun to see how a little construction can shift everyone's outlook. We've been invited to a block party, we're walking to breakfast on Sunday and hope to discover some of our neighborhood's hidden gems that we'd normally miss while driving. And in the meantime, here are five things currently making me happy.


{Testing out buttercream recipes for my book - this one's in the lead}


{New reading glasses c/o of Elizabeth and James}


{New addition to the breakfast table - vintage peacock creamer}


{A chic standing fan that doesn't need to be hidden when not in use}

*True (embarrassing) story: When I saw


in the theater as a teenager (don't judge), my girlfriends and I were sobbing so hard that the usher came to see if we were okay.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.