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Five Things


{A pink tufted chair at the flea market}

Far too often my weekends are spent doing things that I simply don't have the time to finish during the week. Unglamorous (but necessary) things like laundry, vacuuming and buying groceries always manage to interrupt a lovely Saturday afternoon, which never sits that well with me. Somehow amidst a ton of work this week, I managed to get all of those things done and I can't wait to relax and take advantage of the warm weather we're supposed to have this weekend. Here are five simple things currently making me happy right now...what's on your list?


{Chopped bittersweet chocolate for homemade ice cream}


{My new Abominable Snowman-esque jacket for winter in New York}


{Our fireplace that I can't wait to decorate in metallics for the holidays}


{A new stack of cookbooks that I ordered for some culinary inspiration}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links