Five Things

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{Brightly colored (and glittery!) macarons in a vintage tray}

This week has been a tough one. Amongst other things, a bad cold left me housebound for the past four days and I'm so relieved to finally be feeling better. The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and I plan on spending the duration of it outdoors (namely at the Rose Bowl flea market). The time change on Sunday just further proves how close we are to summer and I can't wait to take advantage of the light-filled evenings. In the meantime though, here are five things currently making me happy.


{Thick ribbed sweaters for spring - these are both from H&M}


{Festive earrings from Forever 21}


{Sherbet-colored tulle for inspiration and future projects}


{A little swan pouch (also from Forever 21) that holds my lip glosses}