Five Things

 {Sequined sunlight in the bedroom}

{Sequined sunlight in the bedroom}

There's always a letdown after Thanksgiving - a slight sadness that sets in after the leftovers have been eaten and family has gone home. I tried to ease into the week with mellow evenings, a trip to LACMA, catching up on this season's The Walking Dead and starting a new book. But to get back into the holiday spirit, I'm thrilled that next week I'll be in New York, as it's my favorite time of year to visit. I'm hosting a fun evening of crafts, champagne, and cookie decorating at the new Club Monaco flagship store on 5th Ave., next Tuesday, December 10th from 6:30-8:30pm, so please stop by and come hang out! Have a great weekend.

 {The coolest cowhide chairs I scored at an estate sale}

{The coolest cowhide chairs I scored at an estate sale}

{My favorite view from home: Mt. Tam}


{The first batch of holiday sugar cookies}


{Would love to see you next week if you're in the area!}