Five Things

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{My growing collection of patterned skirts (the striped one seen here)}

We're supposed to have a rain-filled weekend, and I've done my best to prepare so that I barely have to leave the house. The kitchen's stocked, I loaded up on jewelry-making supplies and am hosting a pajama party that includes breakfast, mimosas and movies. I plan to venture out solely for good food and perhaps the Barneys Warehouse sale, which hopefully won't disappoint. It was definitely a long week, so I'm particularly thrilled the weekend's arrived. Here are five little things currently making me happy.


{Favorite new soup (recipe here) that's full of flavor and super healthy}


{A little lacy gift that's too pretty to keep in a drawer}


{K Chocolatier's Chocolate balls filled with whiskey. Best. Idea. Ever.}


{Materials to make a new (and very simple) necklace}