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Five Things

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{Watermelon bombe - a simple ice cream cake that's perfect for summer}

A few days ago I found myself mourning the loss of the summer breaks I had as a kid. I haven't had that kind of vacation in a long time (at least in the two-months-without-any-cares-in-the-world-variety), but the idea of the first day of summer still feels so fresh in my mind. In high school, my friends and I would celebrate the last day of school by piling in a car and heading over to Stinson Beach. We had no other plans for the day - just to eat burgers and fries on the sand, fall asleep in the sun, and grab half & halves for the trip back (the famous chocolate/vanilla soft-serve from Parkside). Since tomorrow's the first day of June, and it really feels like summer fully arrived along with Memorial Day weekend, I realized how nice it would be to create new traditions - little things I can look forward to each year around this time. We haven't finalized our plans for this weekend, but I know it will involve good friends and a trip to the beach.


{Currently loving: white toenail polish + plain leather sandals}


{Castle in the sand from a recent beach stroll at dusk}


{Pretty, geometric tiling that I'd like as a pattern for a dress}


{The sweetest silk pajama set for warmer weather}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.