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Five Things

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{All About the Bread's turkey sandwich - a great Bay Cities alternative for those on near midcity}

Last weekend I made a surprising discovery: boys don't really care about picnics. I, on the other hand, think any food is better when enjoyed on a plaid blanket with a well-planned meal that consists of at least five sides, plenty of desserts, and an assortment of cold drinks. But my husband doesn't feel the same way and thinks they're "just too complicated." In all fairness, mine usually are and require several hours prepping in the kitchen beforehand. So, in order to prove just how chill I can be about picnics, we threw a blanket in the car, picked up deli sandwiches (along with chips, soda, and cookies, obviously) and drove over to Griffith Park and ate under the shade of a tree. It lacked the picnic basket and coordinating utensils I secretly craved, but a simple meal enjoyed outside will always be my favorite way to eat. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!




{My new soft lip regimen: Fresh's exfoliating lip polish + Aerin Lauder lip conditioner}


{A new supply of pretty treat bags for packaging up baked goods}


{We gonna rock down to...}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.