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Five Things

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{A nervous walk before the ceremony}

This Sunday is our one-year anniversary. I'd always heard about how hard the first year of marriage can be and I've gotta say - it was really fun. This year was about focusing on our relationship, without the stress of children (that'll come eventually) or making any other big life decisions. It was about savoring the simple things - quiet Sunday night dinners, exploring new interests (we finally became members at LACMA), and breakfast in bed on Saturdays (a new tradition I put into place). It comes down to a mutual respect and admiration for each other, always saying 'thank you' when little tasks are completed, and truly being excited to see one another each morning. It saddens me that the memories of our wedding day gradually fade over time, but what we're left with - a truly wonderful partnership - is far more rewarding. We're off celebrating in Mexico, but posting will remain as scheduled. Have a great weekend!

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{A slice of Susie Cakes' red velvet cake}


{My place card from our wedding dinner with my new name - it still gives me chills}


{Most touching gift: our friend Cristina's speech that she had framed}


{Rule of thumb: always keep a bottle of champagne chilling for spontaneous celebrations}

First shot by Max Wanger

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.