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Five Things

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{A Sunday afternoon of baking and decorating spring cookies with a friend}

Working from home has its benefits. There's no commute, I never have to pack a lunch (a true bonus for someone who's a constant snacker) and my cats are always nearby. But it can also be tough to separate my work from my life, since I never truly leave the office. I used to alternate where I'd work - occasionally at my desk, sprawled out across the dining room table, and even standing while baking in the kitchen. But over the past couple of weeks, I've realized the importance of actually using a designated area that's just for work. I changed out the lights (fluorescents make even the prettiest rooms instantly horrifying), added a rug to soften the space, and brought a speaker in to play music. A little change - plus some pretty pencils and a desk calendar - really makes a world of a difference with my productivity and happiness. Have a great weekend.


{The cutest pencil set, ever.}


{An afternoon walk through the Venice Canals with a pineapple lemonade}


{I'm usually anti-desk calendars, but this one is sleek enough to leave out}


{A glimpse at Mulberry's upcoming collection in a space that felt like an enchanted garden}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.