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Five Things

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{Estée Lauder's stunning Bronze Goddess collection in popsicle pinks and corals}

This week was challenging, in a therapeutic way. I'm an anxious person by nature, so I stress about...nearly everything. To try and alleviate some of my nervous energy, I made two changes that actually ended up making a big difference. The first involved my inbox. I receive a lot of emails each day and try my best to get to a majority of them within 24 hours. But then there are those that go unanswered, for one reason or another, for a long weeks. So my new rule is to clear my inbox at the end of each day. It's made my mornings feel far less hectic since there aren't always unfinished things rolling over. I've also started writing lists again before bed - I include anything and everything that's on my mind. The lists are often pages long, filled with a few important things and a whole lot of trivial nonsense. But the goal is to simply get it on paper so that my sleep is more restful. So here's to welcoming the weekend with a renewed sense of ease and gratitude.


{The prettiest indoor/outdoor space at newly opened restaurant, Goldie's}


{Last night's dinner with Rachel - (flower topped!) cheese + champagne}


{A useful pad that further perpetuates my need to make constant pro and con lists}


{New birch lamps that add a rustic touch to our living room}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.